Styled to Stay Makeover. Why wait until you decide to sell your property to make it look amazing? Why not do it now? I have styled many homes for people selling their homes over the years and obviously people want their home to look the best come auction day. What stood out to me was that every single person said to me “I wish that I had done this makeover years ago instead of waiting until I sold my home”. Some clients even decided not to sell because they really loved how beautiful their home was transformed.

Make the most of your home, Air B&B, or investment property by giving it a makeover. In today’s property market, many people are choosing to stay in their current home and find economical ways of making their space look and work better for them. Over time, our priorities change, we get busy, and a home can start to feel tired. Certain rooms might need re-styling to reflect a more up to date style, or you might feel like the whole house needs a bit of decluttering, re-sorting, and a new personality! It can be hard to know where to start, and to find the time to do it. Some people feel like they have just too many ideas and can’t decide on a look or others might not have any ideas at all. These are all obstacles in getting started.

The “Styled to Stay” Service is ideal for anyone who wants to create a wonderful, more organised, and updated space, but who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on interior design, refurbishment or renovations.

Staying put is the new moving on!


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